Beyton Loafers

The brand

Beyton gives name to a new timeless and iconic version of flats: Loafers with Spanish soul, created to give you the stylish-yet-comfortable shoe that was missing in your closet.

Its unique and exclusive design combines a classic silhouette with a fresh and contemporary twist expressed by playful colors and unexpected combinations.

Handcrafted in a Spanish family-owned workshop, we use the best quality materials and the most refined leathers to ensure design, quality and comfort.

It´s versatility and effortless chic presence makes each pair wearable day to evening and suitable for every occasion.

We design with the universal female figure and modern lifestyle in mind; Attracted by the singularity and natural allure of each woman that shapes this diverse world.

We believe that attitude is the enigma… and that’s the beauty of femininity!

Beyton Loafers

“With spanish soul”, our identity

The creation of the brand is fully inspired by the beauty and grace of the Spanish culture.

The strong identity raises from the passion for the overall country: the diversity of the landscapes, the artistic heritage, the majestic monuments, the enviable light and climate….

But the essence of the label comes from the special charm of he south of Spain. The majestic and exotic Andalucía, where the purest Spanish style and traditions never fade: Its elegance, its folklore, its character, its color, its narrow streets, its joy, its white villages…

Spain is our muse and we want to convey its unique style to the rest of the world.

Beyton Loafers

Product & Production

Craftsmanship is what makes every pair unique. These shoes are meticulously made by the prodigious hands of expert shoemakers in a specialty factory in Spain. They turn designs into reality following a slow and long artisanal process synonym of luxury.

Beyton is about comfort and aesthetic in order to meet today´s woman needs. The development of the designs requires and intensive research and a detailed selection to bring up the most exclusive and premium leathers and materials.

The anatomy of the shoe is composed of a rubber exterior sole and heel. It´s interior contains a layer foam padding and a supportive insole, taking you 0,80 inches higher all in all (2 cm); the recommended measures for your back and knees to ensure all day comfort. All loafers are lined up with an extraordinary natural cow leather, soft and flexible. The last has been accurately sculptured to make feet look stylish and thin to fit you perfectly.

Beyton Loafers